How Many Firms Did You Apply to in OCI? Best Way 2023

How Many Firms Did You Apply to in OCI! OCI, or On-Campus Interviews, is a critical phase in the journey of law students looking to secure summer associate positions or full-time job offers at prestigious law firms. One common question that arises during this process is, “How many firms did you apply to in OCI?” In this article, we will explore How Many Firms Did You Apply to in OCI. Also we will explore the OCI process, shed light on the significance of this question, and offer insights into how to approach it effectively.

OCI is a crucial event for law students, typically occurring at the beginning of the fall semester. It provides an opportunity for students to connect with law firms and, ideally, secure interviews that could lead to coveted job offers. Here’s a breakdown of the OCI process:

Resume and Cover Letter

Before OCI begins, students prepare their resumes and cover letters. These documents serve as the first impression for potential employers, making them crucial to the process.


Students research participating law firms and rank them based on their preferences. This ranking, known as bidding, determines the firms with which students will have the opportunity to interview.


Once bids are submitted, law firms review resumes and select candidates for interviews. OCI interviews are typically short, around 20 minutes, and provide a chance for students to showcase their qualifications and enthusiasm.


After initial interviews, some candidates are invited for callbacks, which are longer and more in-depth interviews. Callbacks often involve meeting with multiple attorneys at the firm.


Ultimately, students hope to receive offers from the firms they interview with. Offers can be for summer associate positions or full-time employment post-graduation.

How Many Firms Did You Apply to in OCI
How Many Firms Did You Apply to in OCI

The Question of Quantity: How Many Firms Did You Apply to in OCI?

During OCI interviews, it is common for interviewers to ask variations of the question, “How many firms did you apply to in OCI?” This question serves several purposes:

  1. Assessing Commitment: Firms want to gauge a candidate’s level of commitment to their specific organization. If a candidate has applied to a vast number of firms, it may raise questions about their genuine interest.
  2. Understanding the Competitive Landscape: The question helps firms understand which other organizations are in competition for the candidate’s attention. This insight can inform their hiring decisions.
  3. Evaluating Time Management: OCI is a time-consuming process. Firms want to know how efficiently candidates have managed their time and resources in selecting firms to apply to.

When asked about the number of firms applied to in OCI, it’s essential to respond thoughtfully:

  • Be Honest: Always provide an honest answer. Fabricating the number of applications can lead to credibility issues.
  • Highlight Relevance: If you’ve applied to a substantial number of firms, emphasize that each application was well-researched, and you genuinely believe in the potential fit.
  • Prioritize Preferred Firms: If you’ve applied to a mix of firms, highlight those that align with your career goals and interests.
  • Show Enthusiasm: Express enthusiasm for the firm you’re interviewing with. Regardless of the number of applications, convey your genuine interest in their organization.


In conclusion of How Many Firms Did You Apply to in OCI, the question of how many firms you applied to in OCI is a common but significant one. It offers firms insights into your commitment, the competitive landscape, and your time management skills. By responding honestly and thoughtfully, you can navigate this question effectively and leave a positive impression during OCI interviews. Here you can checkout that What is Blue Alert.

FAQs About How Many Firms Did You Apply to in OCI

Is OCI the same for all law schools?

OCI processes can vary between law schools. The specific firms that participate, the timing of OCI, and the bidding process may differ from one institution to another.

How should I prioritize which firms to apply to in OCI?

Consider your career goals, practice area interests, and geographical preferences when prioritizing firms. Research firms thoroughly to determine their alignment with your objectives.

What if I receive multiple offers from OCI interviews?

If you receive multiple offers, you will need to make decisions about which offers to accept. Factors to consider include practice areas, location, firm culture, and personal career goals.

Can I apply to firms outside of OCI?

Yes, you can apply to firms outside of OCI through alternative job search methods, such as networking, job postings, and career services.

Is OCI only for summer associate positions, or can I secure full-time employment through it as well?

OCI typically includes opportunities for both summer associate positions and full-time employment, depending on your class year and the preferences of participating firms.

What is the role of career services during OCI?

Career services offices at law schools play a crucial role in facilitating the OCI process. They provide guidance, resources, and support to students throughout the process, from resume preparation to interview coaching.

Are there any specific tips for succeeding in OCI interviews?

Succeeding in OCI interviews requires preparation and professionalism. Research firms thoroughly, practice your interview skills, and demonstrate enthusiasm for the firm and the legal field.

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